Why Responsive Web Design Is Essential For Your Business

Today an ever expanding array of goods and services compete online for the attention of visitors. Just a few decades ago, many people had not even heard of the Internet. The concept of actually conducting global marketing campaigns in that venue struck some people as outlandish. Time have changed.

As e-commerce ventures grow ever more popular, people around the world have come to expect greater responsiveness when they venture online. Sites that do not present clear information rapidly soon discover many competing places capture a visitor’s attention. Whereas a previous generation of Internet surfers would patiently wait for advertising rich web pages to load successfully, today’s patrons often grew up expecting instantaneous service. They will not sit by idly while a poorly designed company struggles to appear on-screen.

The changing demographics of the Internet argue that successful companies should plan on designing responsiveness and greater interactivity directly into their sites. Simply attaining a high SEO placement with search engines does little to promote a business if patrons visit the site once, grow impatient with boring content or slow page loading, and then hurry away to peruse other, more genuinely helpful sites. It is a far better marketing strategy to cultivate visitor loyalty. By making your webpages responsive and useful to online visitors, you benefit your business in the long run. Visitors will keep returning.

The importance of responsiveness appears in the preference of many online visitors for unique, informative, really applicable content. Many of the most successful online sites present new content every day or so. This effort keeps visitors engaged by answering their need for information; it allows businesses to develop a personal relationship with potential online customers even in the highly impersonal context of the Internet. By designing a website that treats every visitor in a responsive manner, as an individual, the business demonstrates respect for its prospective customers.

In this competitive online environment, successful enterprises value responsiveness. Just as prosperous brick and mortar companies for years have emphasized customer service, popular e-commerce site owners understand that busy online visitors require access to information on their sites quickly. They don’t expect to wait a long time for slowly loading content!

Facebook: The Social Network

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media network in the world. Founded by Mark  Zuckerberg in 2004, this innovative social platform has amassed nearly a billion users worldwide. With over 350,000 global companies with social media pages, Facebook has rapidly become a hub for domestic and international business in recent years. From IM and chat to video, the service has also become a top venue for e-learning protocols and training. While social in nature, the network is no longer relegated just to rekindling old friendships and building new ones. In fact, the service continues to be a haven for new and existing commercial entities that want to generate a lasting buzz about their products and services.

The Facebook Frenzy

Like Twitter and Linked In, Facebook continues to soar in global popularity. With the advent of mobile marketing, the popular utility can now be accessed via wireless, remote, and digital devices. Facebook is also available in multilingual formats, and has offices in 15 countries. With over 5,000 employees worldwide, Facebook is simply an industry leader and driving force in social media relations. So popular is the network that it has appeared in countless ads, commercials, TV shows, and movies. This includes the Award winning movie, “The Social Network”, which chronicled the formation and meteoric rise of this global entity and phenomenon. As the social networking services continues to grow by leaps and bounds, industry experts believe FB will continue to attract and engage millions of users in the years ahead.

Multimedia at its Finest

Like Google, Facebook has incorporated a myriad of media tools over the years. This includes voice calls, video calling, and even video sharing and viewing services. There are also games, along with music contents, profile updates, and new templates. The world-renowned network is also the perfect online venue for ads, promotionas, and Internet referral marketing. With Facebook at the top of the social media ladder, new concepts are being introduced every day. This includes interactive tools with Twitter and Instagram, along with Youtube and other social media based sites. The utility has also been utilized by countless companies for real time presentations, as well as event planning and conferences. With so many accolades and achievements since 2004, Facebook has truly made a social and commercial impact.